Q. Which is the most important factor in our life.?Is it health or wealth?

Which is the most important factor in our life.?Is it health or wealth?

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Jun, 2018

  • hasnain

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  • chauncy

    I think health is the most important factor in life, and most people will agree. If you read the KitsapDailyNews.com daily, you’ll see that most people prefer a good health over wealth.


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  • ronnie

    Prioritize health first, becuase if you get sick and you get hospitalized, you won’t have have any money to spend. So top priority is health first. If you are healthy and you have peace of mind, everyhting will follow suit, and you can work smoothly and accumulate wealth with a positive healthy mind and body.


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  • pearljam

    Health with wealth.

    Both are two faces of a coin.

    both are equally needed.

    But , Health is at Top.

    Absolutely, Health is primary wealth.


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  • justin

    For me, it would be health before wealth. How are you going to spend all the money if you aren’t healthy enough? Money cannot buy health but a healthy person can always figure out a way to earn money.


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  • kirti

    i think health is more important then wealth, if you have so much of wealth but a bad health then then ur wealth is of no use


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  • brandon.bruce

    According to me, both the factors are important. But comparatively I will choose health because health is an asset which generates money but if you choose money over health with a span of time it will deteriorate.

    For clarity, you got a good health. So, your efficiency and productivity get increased which ultimately increase you earning.


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