Q. Will the masses come to Qurito?

I have many questions

Will the masses come to Qurito?

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Jun, 2018

  • erik
    1. We need to have quality questions with quality answers
    2. We all need to be more active because question with one or two answers is not good enough. I think new people see that there is not a lot of activity and they are not comming back.
    3. Qurito needs to make some good marketing
    4. We as a community need to bring some people too


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  • pearljam

    It can, If people want it to be uprise.

    If people ask quality ques, and make and observe quality issues, it can.

    Poeole have to support and only they can make it higher.

    Qurito..........For All Of Us.


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  • doru

    I hope so! Depend on the marketing strategy of Qurito and the quality of the questions and answers!


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