Q. Which genre of music u like the most?

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Which genre of music u like the most?






Jun, 2018

  • charlie95

    Always Rock and Roll! I love listen to rock music from Amazon Music. And with an Amazon Music Converter like TunesMake, I can download and convert Amazon playlists for playing on my iPod with ease.


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  • amilebills

    This is my first time visit to your blog and I am very interested in the articles that you serve. Provide enough knowledge for me. Thank you for sharing useful and don’t forget, keep sharing useful info: exclusive beats


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  • tomriddle

    It seems only me like classic music. Nowadays, people still love classic music become less and less. Luckily I can still find a place to listen to classic music for free. Yes, it is Spotify! When I find a track that I really love, I will download and convert Spotify playlist to MP3 with Spotify music converter free.


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  • daisyc

    I like country music. Sometimes I listen to rock and pop music as well. I love Coldplay. Their songs are so beautiful. Sometimes I will use the best screen recorder for PC and Mac to download and save some of their live shows on YouTube so that I can listen to my favorite songs at any time anywhere. This tool is able to record videos with audio in HD or 4K quality with no watermark and no time limit.


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  • fillysun

    I like to listen to pop music. And I use Spotify to enjoy the music. Sometimes I would use the Spotify Downloader for Windows to download Spotify songs for offline listening on the go on other devices. This tool can convert Spotify to MP3 and other plain audio files with original quality. And then it supports to play the Spotify songs on any device and platform offline without any limit.


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  • johnweems

    I like listening to Hip hop, Jazz, and Rock&roll on Spotify. Then use my Spotify Playlist Downloader to download and convert my favourite songs from Spotify to MP3. It is better for me to build up my own local music library.


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  • annieyazbeck

    I love hip hop music. I usually use Spotify to find and listen to Hip hop playlists at home. Also I have downloade hip hop songs from Spotify to my MP3 player with the help of Spotify Converter, which can download any genre Spotify music to MP3, FLAC, etc.
    I often listen to hip hop playlists on my MP3 player on the go. I can’t work well without hip hop playlists.


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  • budyz

    i like metal music


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What kind of music sets your mood each day? Most of us say that music speaks when we can no longer express ourselves in words. Music has been evolving for years now. Thousands of years ago, there were no available musical instruments yet different kinds of musical instruments are invented and many genius musicians later on rose to fame. You're maybe one of the music lovers who follow renowned musicians in the world and plays your own instrument impressively. Or, you can be a simple individual who is trying real hard to learn a single instrument. Music is planted in the hearts of men and they can never be separated.

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