Q. Before buying a pet the owner must pass a test, do you agree?

Before buying a pet the owner must pass a test, do you agree?

I don’t think before buying pets the owner are actually aware of all the animal rights and their requirements. I wish there would be a test the owner has to pass, before buying a pet. What do you think?

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Jun, 2018

  • sprite1950

    Years ago in the UK pet dog owners were required to buy a licence so those who were serious about buying a pet would be happy to buy one. This is not a legal requirement now so anyone can get a dog unless the courts have banned them for some kind of cruelty.

    I do believe that many people do not think about what is involved in owning a dog. They see a cute little puppy in front of them and do not realise how much care he will need. He may cry at night, bark often, chew the furniture and will need to be house trained. By the time he is an adult some people will be fed up with him and want to rehome him.

    I have had dogs all my adult life and kept them all until it was time for them to go over the rainbow bridge. I have two at the moment who are both old andf I treat them like my children. All dogs deserve to be loved .


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  • ajaendang

    totally agree, to protect our family


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  • umeshmaheshwari2811

    Yess because they are also living being and owner should get knowledge about pets so they should pass a test


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  • kiaazad

    and another test before having kids


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  • petuliak

    I agree, you have to approve that you can be responsible for future behaviour of your pet. I can see a lot of irresponsible people.


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  • doru

    There are a lot of cultural differences between countries here. I think many people don´t treat animals properly, because of their education and backround. Therefore I would suggest training sessions so we can understand the animal’s behaviour better.


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  • kirti

    i dont think we need to pass any test, people buy animals because they are capable to pet them, and what kind of tests are you talking about ?


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