Q. What does marriage mean to you?

What does marriage mean to you?

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Jun, 2018

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  • cebnerders

    What does marriage mean to you? For some, it’s a commitment to share your life with another person. For others, it means sharing the responsibility for raising a family. And for still others tips to get more followers, marriage means forsaking all others and focusing completely on your relationship partner.


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  • pearljam

    Marriage is divine.

    Divine in manner of many aspects . Some are as follows :

    1. Trust, Love, bonding between two persons.
    2. It also make relationship between two families.
    3. It imparts a vital role in society.
    4. It is essential for a successive newly advanced generation that will forward the world.
    5. It motivates the person to live even in utterly hard days.

    Many more reasons. If mention, very elaboratively answer will be here.


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  • maanya

    Marriage is the commitment of love, respect, trust and care.
    It is when two individuals willingly agree to complement each other stand by each other.
    It is a very strong bond in which life, time and privacy is shared.
    For me marriage is one of the most magnificent elements of my life.


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"I now pronunce you - husband and wife." For richer or for poorer; in sickness and in health, 'til death do us part. Marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman who decided to commit themselves to each other for a lifetime. It should not be a burden but a source of joy through ups and downs. It is where family begins. People around the world have different cultures when it comes to marriage. Some countries have arranged marriage; others have the freedom to choose their lifetime partners. Marriage shouldn't be taken lightly like a puppy love you can easily dump whenever you want.

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