Q. Why all the superheroes wear such tight costumes?

Why all the superheroes wear such tight costumes?

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Jun, 2018

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  • tonystark

    Superheroes are supposed to be masculine and have to be shown powerful. Most of them have really good toned physique and tight clothes help in showing up the musclularity and cuts. Also, many costumes are inspired from creatures and i assume creatures are not supposed to be wearing any clothes. Costumes just brings a different look and feel to the whole character.


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Justice League and Avengers are two of the most famous superheroes in the big screen. When you were young, you used to play fist-fight with your friends and pretended to have powers like superheroes do. You would sometimes imitate how superheroes talk and fight. The superheroes ruled our childhood memories, too. These superheroes can be ordinary people with extraordinary gifts. They can also be a demigod like Thor and Wonder woman. All of them are product of human imagination and 'what ifs'. The world loves these ideal superheroes and they shouldn't stay in U.S only to fight bad people. Go to Asia, too.

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