Q. Which festival should we stop celebrating?

Which festival should we stop celebrating?






Jun, 2018

  • rwlocky

    Any animal cruetly should be banned


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  • pearljam

    Any festival which hurt any living being, should stop to celebrate .

    Examples :

    1. Yulin festival of China.
    2. Eid al-Adha (Bakrid)
    3. Jallikattu
    4. Gadhimai Festival in Nepal.

    many more ther, should not celebrate.


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  • ishaan

    There prevails certain festivals that are celebrated by sacrificing animals.
    Innocent animals are killed as an offering to god in return of blessings, which is reflection of completely shallow mentality.
    How can people celebrate over the death of animals, we must stop celebrating such occasions.


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Moments of celebration, be it of religious significance or merely victory of our favourite sport team, it is a festival. We are entwined to our cultural origins, festivals are the timely reminders to get past our problems and cherish the present with the people we love. Unlike present circumstances, where entertainment is just a few clicks away, in earlier times festivals offered a major share of entertainment. Not just that, these cultural celebrations let us pass our ethical and religious beliefs to the next generations too.

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