Q. What do you think about Litecoin’s future?

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What do you think about Litecoin’s future?

A big benefit of Litecoin is that it has lower transaction speeds and faster confirmation times than bitcoin.






Jun, 2018

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  • ondrej

    I hope it will be strictly bright future, I still believe LTC price could go above 1000 USD. The bad thing is that BTC have got Lightning Network also now.. so. LTC need some better news, maybe upgrade/update, contracts etc… JUST HODL IT!


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  • pearljam

    LTC is stable at its ranking.

    LTC is perfectly HODling by its investors from a long time.

    So, it is unquestionable about any doubt regarding its future.

    LTC can go upto $500......in 2018-2019 bull run.

    In LTC, investment is safe.

    LTC is hidden gem , right now.


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