Q. Who/what is your best friend?

Nothing is impossible for women.

Who/what is your best friend?

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Jun, 2018

Accepted Answer
  • crypto.bit182

    My best friend is air. I can not live without it.


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  • micheal_jason

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  • edward_terry

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  • hhhjamnez

    wahh nuyul yaa


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  • Anonymous

    my best friend is agus


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  • kiaazad

    I have no friends, except internet if we consider virtual things, he is a good listener and knows the answer to every question


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  • abhishek85

    There is only one best friend and it “YOU” alone we must all love ourself first and then others


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  • matto

    My best friend is my dog Beny :D :)


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  • pearljam

    My best friend is my co-worker.


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Chum-pal-bro-sis-bestie-beshie-bhai and all the endearments and bonding you have with friends are incomparable. Sometimes it can be more than the bond you have with your siblings. This is a special kind of relationship that also requires love and trust. There's no such thing as friendship with conditions. It should always be in every season. Everything is perfectly imperfect and we just need friends to understand and accept us completely; a person who shares with us the same perspective about what friendship is. Few real ones are better than having tons of fake friends around you. However, before desiring for real friendship, be sure you can offer one.

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