Q. Which type of women do you like?

Nothing is impossible for women.

Which type of women do you like?

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Jun, 2018

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  • hendry

    We are living in the world where gone are the days when women used to give up their individualities and accept the submission.
    Today women stand tall along with men and fight for their rights and freedom.
    The world has been partly supportive and partly cruel.
    I prefer women that are aware of them self and that have a voice of their own, rather than the ones that surrender and consider it to be their destiny.


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  • pearljam

    Women ..who make the clouds shine , a silver line above them. A woman who imparts herself to make the society better , i like such women .

    Women play the very vital role to create and manage the society and the world.
    Woman …the most beautiful gift to man…to whom he has to share the whole life.

    I like the women…who play her role responsibly in the society to nurture the mankind.

    Respect Women is as equal to receive the grace of GOD.


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