Q. Which part of female body do you like at most?

Nothing is impossible for women.

Which part of female body do you like at most?

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Jun, 2018

Accepted Answer
  • kiaazad

    let’s not lie to ourselves, I can say eyes or brains, but after years of experiment I know I’m a breasts man.
    the pools say eyes are nomber one pick, but I think those whom choosen eyes where ashamed of their truth


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  • roman

    bum and legs for me. can tbeat a pert, slim and solid bum on a woman


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  • ronnie

    their luscious lips - looking for Angelina Jolie type! :)


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  • ondrej

    That between legs of course and then the eyes :)


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  • lesikko

    Legs Of course


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  • juraj

    :D boop and ash + brain =famme fatale :D really nothing ?


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  • huitemae

    her Brain and heart.


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  • pearljam

    I like Eyes.

    Eyes never tell a lie.


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  • crypto.bit182

    calves :D


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