Q. How can we make pollution free environment surrounds us?

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How can we make pollution free environment surrounds us?






Jun, 2018

  • hendry

    I often see people littering and when asked they say that it is already dirty so one person not doing the same won’t change anything.
    The first and foremost thing is changing our attitudes and respecting the nature.
    No matter how strict are the laws, there will always be some way of breaking it.
    In some countries, it is included in the initial education of children to dispose of garbage properly.
    This practice should be accepted universally, the more people know about it, the more chance of betterment.
    Young kids learn from their elders, despite being taught in the school they will follow what they see their parents doing. So, the parents of this generation must especially do efforts to not just do it right themselves but also guide their children.
    The last node of this topic is the government.
    It is largely a government’s responsibility to look after the health and cleanliness of the country and its people.
    A strict law with harsh penalties is one way of binding the people to follow the rules no matter what.
    Regular maintenance and care of all the areas should be done by the government.
    What we forget sometimes is that more than the common people, industrial waste pollutes our surrounding on a larger level, which should also be taken care of.
    If each one of us contributes to make this earth a better place for us and our coming generations and then that day is not too far when we all will have a safe and healthy world to live in.


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  • canons

    I feel just by giving back more than we take from the environment and taking the moment to pick up any trash we see is a good start. It all depends on how much people know and educating them on why its important to take care of our environment ie. the earth. Maybe try to organize a group of people to go and pick trash up in our communities. However that just deals with what we have to deal with now. To nip the problem at the bud is to just educate people show them a reason why to care and take more care so we dont ruin this beautiful earth with garbage that pollutes our water and strangles our wildlife.


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  • vishal

    Time for cycling


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