Q. Is it necessary to have a villain in every story?

Is it necessary to have a villain in every story?

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Jun, 2018

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  • pandora

    Movies showcase the peaks and valleys of the mind-sets in the society.
    To portray a brighter side it necessary to encapsulate a darker side in a movie.
    A villain in movie doesn’t have to be a person; it can be an issue of the society, unacceptable concepts or practices, retarded ideologies or any other aspect that downgrades the society.
    A story can be considered worth sharing only if it has relatable concepts and different elements of emotions.
    Without a villain in a story, I guess it will be very dull plot.


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Stories are wide-ranged. It can be from a writer's imagination and point of view whether it's about human experiences or about a place. It can also be from someone who really likes to put their nose on other people's lives and making stories to destroy other people's reputation. The latter is a funny fact about stories. It can destroy and build a person. Imagine a world without a shared story among people. It could be so boring because there is no life without a story. Everybody has his own story to tell. For some, their stories are worth listening to or can be an autobiography in motion pictures.

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