Q. What do you think abou DOGECOIN?
  • abdul29

    howdy, your websites are really good. I appreciate your work.置き換えダイエット


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  • douglas78

    I really like this crypto-currency, but I’d like you to value it more


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  • aacc1

    This is the chinese year of the dog I hope it rise.


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  • pearljam

    DOGECOIN.....About it what i think....

    If u have, No Surprise......Very stable coin and it exists.

    I you haven’t......No Surprise......Very stable coin....and low value…

    If u missed to buy .....U can buy.
    If u already buy,.......u can hold.

    If u fade up to hold it....u can sell…

    U will happy…if u bought, or hold or already sold.

    Dogecoin....Panacea to crypto.


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  • cryptohiddengems

    Much fun to the moon. The funniest coin!


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  • honza

    Hold a coin you make a profit ;)


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  • ondrej

    This chinese year is year of the dog, i hope it will take some pump effect soon ;)


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