Q. What’s the worst and best thing about being female?

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What’s the worst and best thing about being female?






Jun, 2018

  • abdul29

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  • avery

    The best of all is to be able to bring life on earth.
    Women have not done fewer wonders than men, yet they are not always seen as equals.
    A woman makes a house a home; she has the power and love to bind her entire family together.
    But, when she gets trapped in her own house that is more than unfair.
    She can be both fragile and courageous, yet she is abused and tamed by the society.


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  • cryptolady

    Pregnancy and beauty of body in both ways


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Dark-skinned people want to be fair. White-skinned people want to be tanned. Apartheid had long been gone yet racial discrimination specifically about skin and beauty still exists. Skin care and beauty products are everywhere. From head to foot, girls adorn themselves to always look fab and even better. White skin are overrated nowadays. The contentment is always in the line. While some are not bothered with whatever complexion a person has, some try hard to be more beautiful. That would mean better opportunities, self-satisfaction, and a bully-free life. We didn't choose the kind of skin that we have but we can love ourselves better by accepting our skin and beauty as part of our being unique.

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