Q. Why sometimes I want to... Even "have to" eat something "unhealthy"?

Why sometimes I want to... Even "have to" eat something "unhealthy"?

Sometimes whole my organism wants me to grab my wallet and rush to nearest mini-market for some chips and soda… And insta-noodles, and pack of oreo, and candy bars, and ice-cream… And maybe a sweet strawberry yogurt… xDDD
Your thoughts ‘bout such a spontaneous impulse? Did you sometime feel same? =)))

Sorry for my poor English… ^__^






Jun, 2018

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Foodgasm. Foodporn. Foodie. Foodselfie. Food is life. If you are a food lover, you would always have the appetite to try new dishes and delicacies. Many of us are trying to become a food blogger; showing some interesting food to try; uploading photos on social media. Because food is life, the food businesses have been boosting in the industry. They offer different foods and services. It could either be a food delivery or a 24/7 drive-thru. It could be a healthy food or an instant food. The rapid growth of food chains show the more cravings that people have for food. Nevertheless, healthy lifestyle should always be of greater consideration.

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