Q. Best Crypto investment?

Best Crypto investment?

If you had only $1000 in your bank account, and you had to bet in 3 long term investments, which cryptos will you choose?

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Jun, 2018

  • pearljam

    None other than CARDANO (ADA).


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  • erik



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  • cryptotyl

    EOS - 200
    LTC - 200
    POWR - 200
    XMR - 200
    Some coin with small capitalization - 200


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  • cryptodad

    Probably divide between ETH, NEO and ICX - they are all great “platform coins” and one of them can be one day bigger than BTC (which i think is slowly dying).


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  • matto

    I think eosDAC, VeChain and SIRINLabs :))


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  • 9lives

    Very hard question. I’d probably choose Bitcoin, Cardano & either NANO or Vechain.


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