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How to move on?






Jun, 2018

  • Anonymous

    Everybody is facing different challenges in their lives and life was never meant to be a bed of roses. Therefore, it is perfectly fine, if you are making struggles and doing something to get a better life. Additionally, it is not necessary that we only move on from the unreal relations but we need to move on from many other situations too. Find out here, how to move on and cope up with your stress.
    I found some of the best ways here https://www.mushwarah.pk/life/how-to...


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  • yamaitropvioreenlack

    Honestly, you can’t. But time will let you. There will come a time when your memory won’t be as clear as day anymore. Just a ripple effect of time forming blurred lines. Allow yourself to feel. There’s growth in pain. Like a lesion in a plant, you shall grow leaves again, and you will heal. I believe in you. ♥


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  • linda

    • Indulging in activities that consume you can be a solution.
    • Also, determination to really move on is a must.
    • I believe we are just one decision away from a disaster or a dream come true so make a wise decision and then stick to it.
    • An open attitude to newer challenges and difference will help in making new memories and moving on.


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  • pearljam

    No Reason to Look Back.

    So, anyhow…Move On…

    No Standard Approach…

    Just Move On…


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