Q. What is your favorite Crypto trading exchange?

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What is your favorite Crypto trading exchange?






Jun, 2018

  • soudul



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  • karin666

    Kucoin , Digifinex and abcc exchange


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  • keith

    There should be two parts to this question. What is your favorite Crypto centralized and decentralized trading exchanges?
    It seems to i that it is something that we need to move to are the decentrailized exchanges.

    Binance | Bittrex and IDEX | Waves DEX


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  • kiaazad



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  • matto

    Bibox a Binance


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  • born666



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  • cryptotyl

    Coinbase and Binance


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  • juraj

    Bittrex and Coinbase :)


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  • crypto.bit182

    Binance and Bibox


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