Q. What does it need to be good at mathematics?

What does it need to be good at mathematics?

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Jun, 2018

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  • pearljam

    Atleast a single Mathematics Book.

    to understand about mathematics.


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Math is more than just numbers and complicated equations. Often, it is regarded as a subject that teaches numbers. It is about time to realize that mathematics is of a much broader scope. Business, engineering, science, architecture, even up to the daily human activities such as cooking and shopping and the things that you enjoy have something to do with math. Its everywhere. Mathematics mirrors different aspects in life. In solving a mathematical equation, like decision-making, one does not simply get the correct answer in a snap. We need a formula and a single mistake may ruin everything. Redo until you get that sweet fruit of labor. Solving for the equivalent of "x" may be difficult but possible. Math, like life is adding up your positivity and subtract the negative ones. Multiply strength and courage to achieve your goals and divide blessings to your loved ones and those who are needy. Mathematics is a way of life.

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