Q. What is the best precaution for a diabetic patient?

What is the best precaution for a diabetic patient?

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Jun, 2018

  • ukay66
    1. Make sure the amount of insulin or medicine is taken correctly so that one don’t go into hypo.
    2. Keep some dry dates in a small container incase one feels like going low in blood sugar ( hypo feeling)


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  • merritt_health

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  • pearljam
    1. Eat proper diet in multiple times.
    2. Keep walking.
    3. Dont take any stress.
    4. Do some Yoga.
    5. Be positive.
    6. Take proper medicament on time.


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"A life without sweets is not much worth living." But what a dilemma when there's diabetes to deal with? A condition in which the pancreas becomes a lazy head in producing or responding to the hormone insulin, resulting in metabolic disorder. It can be treated with artificial insulin and disciplinary diet. We underestimate the benefits of balanced diet as messed up eating patterns is where we get all the troubles from. Let diabetes teach you discipline in life. There might not be a permanent cure at the moment but there is always a way to not let diabetes overrule your life.

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