Q. Do you have any idea for free airdrop?

Everything is possible

Do you have any idea for free airdrop?

Airdrop :)

Cybereits (CRE)

*The whitepaper is only in Chinese so we have no idea how good it is. They have already a MVP (minimal viable product). Even with the pretty small team of four members this projects looks good. But the linkedIn links of the members are missing.

The big question is if the airdrop is legit? The Telegram channel linked on the website redirects to a Chinese channel with 2k+ member. The channel linked in the airdrop currently only have 200+ member and is very new. Probably only an new English version. The linked Twitter account on the airdrop is correct so we think more that this one is legit than not.*
Rewards:30 Tokens


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What do yoi think about Cybereits ?
Have any other free Airdrop ?






Jun, 2018

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Cryptocurrency is a secure, trustful and transparent digital currency which can neither be counterfeited nor be reversed arbitrarily by the sender. It eliminates the necessity of a third party involvement for the exchange, as it is encrypted and peer-to-peer virtual currency. For those who prefer non-disclosure and privacy, cryptocurrency is the solution. The use of this kind of virtual currency prevents any kind of identity theft. The concept of cryptocurrency has given birth to reliable e-cash.

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