Q. What shall I do If I have long journey in flight?

What shall I do If I have long journey in flight?

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Jun, 2018

  • shagun

    Wear Loose / Comfortable clothes.
    Comfortable footwear.
    Carry some Books of interest.
    Listen Music
    Watch Movies


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  • erik

    Just don’t drink too much alcohol and you will be fine :) If you have long flight you will probably have entertainment system so you can watch 2-3 movies.


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  • ray.sitorous

    If you have long journey on a flight then you should have following things with you in a planned out way.
    - First is to take your lappy with you for your office work or any other personal work.
    - ALways carry some novel with you in order to pass your time.
    - Wear clothes which are more comfortable and convienient.
    - Eat less food to avoid problesm while landing and takeoff.
    - Try to guess what cities you’re flying over. A new app, Flyover Country, will reveal the answer (find it on your iPhone, of course, not your confiscated tablet).
    -Organise a pub quiz with other people on board. Geeky aviation questions are a must.


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