Q. Is it reliable to drive car without shoes?

Is it reliable to drive car without shoes?

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Jun, 2018

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  • morganlee

    Yes you should call and tell your insurance company that you are planning on finding an exotic car rental [url=https://mphclub.com/lamborghini-exot...]Lambo Truck Rental in miami[/url]


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  • christopher.curio

    Yes it is important to have license when you drive a vehicle. Nowadays traffic police are present in each and evry place of the city. Well if citizens of the country do not follow the rules, how will government increase the growth of city.
    Rules are ment to follow , not to break. If we compare to other well developed countries, we would feel shame that as a citizen of country we are not following rule


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One cannot just drive without a driver's license. Moreover, you cannot take over the steering wheel when you are not of legal age. There are also certain rules that should be followed when driving. The negligence to obey the rules results in so many road accidents. Driving looks easy but it's for the brave ones who can manage a busy highway or long trips. You go through series of test and you need to have good eyesight because you're not only driving for your life but the lives your passengers are in your hands. Don't forget to buckle up. Life's already short so don't make it shorter.

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