Q. How often should I water the plants in a day?

How often should I water the plants in a day?

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Jun, 2018

  • velmaloydu

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  • shagun

    Depends plant to plant. Depends on Climate too.

    However in general - once a day in India.


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  • pearljam

    Watering of Plants depends on many factors. Some of them as below :
    1. Type of plant. Either Xerophytic, a little amount of water is sufficient. or Hydrophytic, it always need water as medium to grow.
    2. Edaphic Factor : Clay is there…Water holding capacity is very high.
    If there is loamy soil, moisture content is very optimum to grow -in.

    3.Climatic Conditions : If there is tropical , sub tropical climate, watering of plants to be in recurrence period in shorter time than temperate regions.

    Many other factors are also there.


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  • nancy

    Water can both give and take the life.
    Lack of water will cause dehydration and excessive water will do no good.
    That is why it is very important to provide the right amount of water to your plants.
    In my opinion, watering twice a day should be fine if you are being considerate about the size of the plant and the pot it is kept in.
    If the soil isn’t absorbing the water that’s the sign which means it has enough water it needs.


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