Q. When will the next bull run starts?

When will the next bull run starts?






Jun, 2018

Accepted Answer
  • ronnie

    If you were to pattern it from last year, I believe it will come sometime starting in Sept/Oct. Since it is predicted Bitcoin will be reaching $50,000 by end of year, there will be a huge upward surge on Nov/Dec.


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  • lesikko

    Not so early i hope :) ! need to make money to invest while its cheap


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  • kamil

    I estimate around August


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  • drizztdourden123456789

    03 - 04/2019


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  • cryptotyl

    I think the market will be rotating at the end of the summer, but I would not see it in a full bull run. I think the bull run will happen next year.


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  • karlpaap

    first in about autumn


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  • matto

    Hard question. My Idea is October, November this year. :)


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