Q. Do U still wait for a dip or not?

Do U still wait for a dip or not?






Jun, 2018

  • erik

    I bought at so many dips this year and always go even lower.


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  • pearljam

    BTC will be under $4500 .
    I haven’t buy till now.....

    It will below 4500.


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  • cryptotyl

    Yes. I think BTC price will be $ 5000.


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  • pg-live-pt

    No, already did my buys, now Ill wait for a bull run!!!

    Need to sell some of my portfolio!!!


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  • cryptohiddengems

    Hello Odar, when the market is down I do twice as much research. There are a lot of good opportunities right now!


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  • michaliocze

    I think exactly no, but below 5k we will not get.


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