Q. How can I be sure about a tattoo design before getting it done?

How can I be sure about a tattoo design before getting it done?

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Jun, 2018

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    I read an article according to which before getting a tattoo done, one must look for as many designs as possible so later on there won’t be any chance of confusion or regret in terms of the design selection.
    Once the tattoo design is finalized draw/print it on a paper and hang it on a wall.
    Let that be on your wall at a place where you see it every day.
    Don’t take it off for a year and after that much time if you still feel like getting it done, only then get it inked on your body.
    The logic that lies in this practice is that, if you look at the tattoo on the wall for a year and let’s say, after half you feel bored looking at it, then you must ask yourself how you will tolerate it on body for the rest of your life.
    One year might seem like too long but when it comes to a tattoo there is no going back so you have got to be sure.


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Tattooing is claimed to be an ancient cultural practice that has existed since 12, 000 years BC. The purpose to get a tattoo could be to imprint ones outer self with beliefs of life. It lets you wear your inerasable identity over your skin. The tattoo genres are numerous like tribal, realism, new school and traditional. Thus when skin is the canvas painted with ink of beliefs, emerges a tattoo that mirrors the soul within.

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