Q. What are the things one should consider before getting a tattoo done?

What are the things one should consider before getting a tattoo done?

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Jun, 2018

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    • It will pain!
    - No matter what is told to you, it will pain while getting a tattoo done so be prepared for that.
    • The design
    - The design of the tattoo is very important as it is a permanent part of your body and it will stay with you until you die.
    • Tattoo placement
    - The part of your body on which it is going to be, matters a lot.
    • Reason for getting one
    - Ask yourself, why do you want to get it and half of your confusions will go away.
    • Timing is everything
    - Pick the proper timing of the year in which the tattoo can be taken better care of. The best time to get a tattoo is during Fall or Winter when people typically have more clothes when outside. This shields a newly inked tattoo from the sun, which is the sworn enemy of a new tattoo.
    • Skin allergies
    - Before getting a tattoo make sure you do not have any skin allergy for the ink that is going to be used.
    • Artist portfolio and credibility
    - It is so very important where you get the tattoo done. Double check before choosing an artist.
    • Sanitation of tattoo equipment and shop
    - Not using clean needles and non-sanitized equipment can give you fatal blood-borne diseases.
    • Aftercare is equally important
    - Aftercare will determine the look of your tattoo, I am sure you don’t want a faded one on your body.
    • Getting a tattoo isn’t cheap
    - You need to have deep pockets if you want to get it done from an authorized and experienced place.


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Tattooing is claimed to be an ancient cultural practice that has existed since 12, 000 years BC. The purpose to get a tattoo could be to imprint ones outer self with beliefs of life. It lets you wear your inerasable identity over your skin. The tattoo genres are numerous like tribal, realism, new school and traditional. Thus when skin is the canvas painted with ink of beliefs, emerges a tattoo that mirrors the soul within.

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