Q. What is the purpose of getting a tattoo done?

What is the purpose of getting a tattoo done?

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Jun, 2018

  • yvgeny

    Tattoo is the memory of some event.


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  • pearljam

    To satisfy your wish, that you have a tatoo now.
    You are also a member of tatoo holding group.

    Thats it. Nothing else.

    There is no difference between the people having tatoo or haven’t it.


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  • pandora

    Tattoo can be of different types.
    For some people tattoos can be a means to decorate their skin and wear it as a permanent ornament.
    Whereas, the tattoo that have deep and hidden meaning are ones that are done with the purpose to keep certain strongly believed life rules very close.


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Tattooing is claimed to be an ancient cultural practice that has existed since 12, 000 years BC. The purpose to get a tattoo could be to imprint ones outer self with beliefs of life. It lets you wear your inerasable identity over your skin. The tattoo genres are numerous like tribal, realism, new school and traditional. Thus when skin is the canvas painted with ink of beliefs, emerges a tattoo that mirrors the soul within.

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