Q. Which is the dinosaur that you find cute?

Which is the dinosaur that you find cute?

cute dinosaur





Jun, 2018

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  • derek

    Argentinosaurus huinculensis
    Most of the largest herbivorous specimens on record were discovered in the 1970s or later, and include the massive titanosaur Argentinosaurus huinculensis, which is the largest dinosaur known from uncontroversial evidence, estimated to have been 96.4 metric tons (106.3 short tons) and 39.7 m (130 ft) long.

    The fact that this dinosaur was considered to be herbivorous, is the only reason I find it to be cute.


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What if Jurassic Park was real? Are you going to take the risk and visit it for your curiosity's sake? Dinosaurs have long been gone. Yet, they are alive in our minds full of 'what ifs'. The movie Jurassic Park shows how human beings were trying to control and domesticate some of the dinosaurs. We usually see only Tyrannosaurus in films and not the Pterodactyl or Diplodocus, and others. Maybe, there are still many different species that are yet to be discovered. For whatever purpose these creatures were created before us, it is still bliss not to have them in this age.

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