Q. What are the lessons kids should be taught at kindergarten?

What are the lessons kids should be taught at kindergarten?

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Jun, 2018

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  • sowerbymenald

    Kindergarten will be a time when the child will be in a structured learning environment with a set curriculum that will help the student establish the basics that will be necessary in the coming years of higher education.

    For starters, your child will be able to name the letters of the alphabet, know the respective sounds of each letter, and even write the letters on paper. During this time, kids also get started on reading, writing, and reciting some basic words. As the child gets a better grasp of the alphabet, he/she will also be able to write words and short sentences that mainly use words in the consonant-vowel-consonant format.

    Students will also be taught numbers in kindergarten. They will be able to identify numerals, write them in order, count out loud, and number everyday objects. Kids will also be able to know the basic shapes by name and even draw them.

    Aside from these, there are many other skills that your child will learn at kindergarten. If you want your child to be able to adjust better in kindergarten, check out Kiddiecare Kindergarten Nursery Gravesend to know how their approach to nursery education can help your child.


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  • nancy

    In kindergarten, the kids are too young so all they need to know is relationship building and the basics of shapes and colours.
    The must requirement at kindergarten is learning about good behavioural skills and manners.
    Apart from that kids should be free to play and make friends; they shouldn’t be burdened with too much of studies.


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"TAKE ME BACK." Crayons and pencils. Remember the days when you want to grow fast? Innocence becomes even more precious when you start to become an adult. Kindergarteners are cute little creations with so much imagination and curiosity. This is the stage where children first receive a formal education and socialisation. People tend to disregard the importance of this stage of development because 'kids are just kids'. Kindergarten days are full of shades where children start to think how colourful life is and how perfect adults are. Such innocence should not be taken advantage.

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