Q. Is it necessary for a gymnast to be thin?

Is it necessary for a gymnast to be thin?

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Jun, 2018

  • derek

    Not necessary!
    But what actually happens is that a gymnast does a lot of physical exercise and training and as a result, their bodies have very less fat proportion and more muscle proportion.
    A thin/fit body structure brings flexibility and a flexible body is a must requirement for gymnasts.


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  • 9lives

    With bodyweight movements it is necessary to be on the lower bodyfat percentage, that is if you wish to have the absolutely most effecient performance. Having just 10 pounds or 5kg of excessive fat is basically the same as having a 10 pound / 5kg plate attached to you during all the movements. This is why all the gymnasts tend to have very low bodyfat percentage and give out the “thin muscular” look. On the question though it’s not necessary if one isn’t looking to compete?


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  • cryptolady

    maybe not so thin but strong and make a lot of muscle’s flexible body-building’s structure of body :)


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  • at1kus

    more weight = more power for any exercise


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The flexibility and balance depend on how well your brain can rule your body. There are different kinds of gymnastics such as cheerleading, rhythmic, and artistic gymnastics. Gymnasts are known for their amazing flexibility, grace, balance, and agility. Most gymnasts are trained since their early age. They have been devoting themselves to this kind of sport. No wonder that their control and endurance are far better and impressive. Leap and flip. Gymnastics shows us the wonder of the human body that can do more just the basic things like sitting and walking. In it, your world is always turned upside down.

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