Q. What are you reading now?

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What are you reading now?






Jun, 2018

  • shagun

    Pre typed answers on this window


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  • hizir

    Açıkçası, şu anda sorunuzu okuyorum. Cevap yazıyorum


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  • daven

    The answer before mine....


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  • pearljam

    Obviously, i am reading your question, right now.


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  • lubomir07

    Timothy Ferris - The four hour work week


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Fiction. Non-fiction. Autobiography. Inspirational. Self-help. Different categories are presented for people's interest. Historically, books are very important for studying. Before technology, there were collections of books and a person can have several field of concentration by learning through books. Books are surviving in the rapid advancement of technology. Millennial are in to gadgets rather than books. So, e-book is created for a more convenient way of reading. People are now divided into those who prefer to read hard-bound books and those who prefer e-books. Nothing can really be labeled as better or worse.

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