Q. What do you think about religious rituals in which animals are sacrificed?

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What do you think about religious rituals in which animals are sacrificed?

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Jun, 2018

  • seobhao201

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  • abdul29

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  • 9lives

    I don’t necessarily agree with it BUT the current food industry is by far worse imo. (i.e. dairy, meat) although I’m not a full on vegan would argue those “sacrifice rituals” at least respect the animal more than us western consumers blindly eating all the poorly processed meats which certainly got zero respect. My main point I guess is that animals should at very least be respected more in these cases if you’re gonna do it.


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  • roman

    its old fashioned and not in keepign with current society and human understanding and beliefs. i totally disagree with it.


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  • kirti

    thats bullshit, animals have all their rights to live, and we dont have any right to sacrify a living being in the name of an un living and non existing god. If everything is a creation of god then animals are too a creation of god, they have all rights to live.


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Ritual is part of history and culture and it is not only limited to spiritual aspect, marriage, or religion. Sometimes the term is used when you have several steps in, say for example, applying your beauty products everyday. They call it as beauty rituals. Anything you do daily with several steps to follow that you believe will make you look better can be your own ritual. It's a way for you to throw away something and giving birth to a new thing. Same practice goes with religious rituals that include cleansing yourself before gods or offering something to please your god.

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