Q. How is your relationship with your boss?

Nothing is impossible for women.

How is your relationship with your boss?

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Jun, 2018

  • shagun

    Sweet & Sour


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  • kiaazad

    I’m my own boss and I love my boss ;)


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  • khushi

    Very straightforward, transparent, healthy and supportive.
    It is very essential to maintain a relation that consist the aforementioned qualities, with your boss.
    As being the boss involves a lot of responsibilities, at times there might be some friction or misunderstanding but that mean you start hating your boss.
    Try to keep it clear and precise with your seniors.


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  • roman

    really good in all honesty. my boss (director) ahs a tough job, and puts up with me, always tryiing to help and do the best thing for me in personal circumstances


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  • zedon

    he is my best friend ;) …of course ....but why i trying to strangle him in my dreams every night?


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  • pearljam

    The relation with my boss.....is like

    TOM & JERRY....

    Now, I think, U understand.


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  • mefjiu

    I have very good because I am the boss myself :-)


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