Q. What are the best and simplest toys for kids?

What are the best and simplest toys for kids?

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Jun, 2018

  • chauncy

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  • thorty

    Lego, and a football


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  • doru

    The parents! My son said one day to me: “Papa, you are the best playgrund in the world!” I was proud :-)


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  • pearljam

    A large light weight Ball....

    Kids can hold them, roll them, kick them, throw them.

    They will enjoy it And can do many acts with it.


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  • lesikko

    Lego Duplo


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  • kirti

    puzzle games, like jenga, picture puzzles, bricks or anythings. if you want your child should get entertain then buy thmem some RC cars, or anything which doesnt harm them


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  • virgo214

    anything that’s educational


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The most cherished memories of our childhood are made playing with toys. For kids the treasure of toys is their most precious possession. At young age kids can be moulded easily with the help of toys. Children learn as they play, they share toys and start building relationships. Also, it is proven that games and playthings can support children to grow abilities like understanding and recognizing actions and people. Doll and games for kids, phone and computers for adults, as we get older, the toys get more expensive.

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