Q. What should i do to avoid acne and pimples on skin?

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What should i do to avoid acne and pimples on skin?

I dont like to go to dermatologists and apply chemicals on face and skin, i need some natural remedies or diet which will
help my sking to stay healthy and bacteria free

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Jun, 2018

  • scarhealinginstitute

    So you are not interested to visit to visit any dermatologist or applying any type of chemical in your skin. here are some home remedies which works well:

    1. Apple cider vinegar: made from unfiltered juice from pressed apples. it actually fights with various types of bacteria and fungi.
    2. A honey cinnamon mask: which helps to reduce scars naturally.
    3. tea tree oil is one of the best ingredient to fight acne scars.
    4. you can use green tea.
    5. neem extracts can do well and reduces acne naturally.

    these are the best possible ways to get rid of acne or pimples. but from my knowledge
    Acne scar treatment is the best solution to your problems.Best scar treatment clinicscharges are little expensive but gives you permanent solution.


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  • johnmehdi8

    Acne problem gets serious if we do not take it seriously. SO, start taking good care of your skin and try to use face washes that suits your skin type.
    I found a list of 5, do have a look, it might help you,


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  • avery

    Healthy diet and skin care will solve your issue.
    Acne can be due to many reasons, one of them is imbalanced hormones.
    You can also consult a doctor and know what can be done for hormonal imbalance.
    Proper diet and skin care will solve your issue to a great extent.


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  • pearljam

    Apply a paste of fresh leaves of Azadirachta indica​.
    It is the best remedy for acne problems.


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