Q. What are the strangest incidents you have heard happening on a flight?

What are the strangest incidents you have heard happening on a flight?

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Jun, 2018

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  • binish

    This happened to me in August 2003, when I was flying on Air Canada from Toronto to Shanghai, squeezing out a month of time between school and coop terms to visit my family and friends in Hangzhou.

    It was like any normal flight, except I noticed a girl sitting a few rows ahead, in one of the Aisle seats in the middle. She was unbelievably pretty and looked like a college student going home, she had this very calm elegant demeanor from the small glimpse(s) I could get, but she was just a little far away to strike up a conversation with. Nor was I able to find her in common areas like waiting in line at the washroom.

    So eventually I got sleepy/tired and gave up on the idea of introducing myself on the plane, I said, hey when I get off the plane, there are chances (like waiting for luggage). Towards the end of the flight, we were just passing over Japan and people were using the washroom one last time, so I got up and went as well. I was in line behind this tall old man. Nothing special, just stretched while I waited, then door opens and SHE comes out, looks as great as when she got on the plane, and she smiled at me (at least I think she did) and walked back to her seat. Tall old man goes in, and I keep waiting, when it was my turn I went in and did my business. When I washed my hands I saw a shiny object next to the sink. It was a small gold ring, when I held it in my fingers I realized it couldn’t have belonged to the man, it was too small/delicate, must be for the girl! So I got all excited and walked out the washroom.

    In my mind I was playing out various scenarios of how I would give this back to her and she would totally be happy/in gratitude and we would strike up a convo, etc etc. So when I got close to where she’s sitting, I do my best gentlemen pose of reaching out my arm/hand to hand her the ring, planning to use a polite and warm voice to say “is this yours?”, this was going to be awesome! But as I did that, the plane hit some turbulence and shook violently, after 15 hours of sitting down, my legs were quite stiff and I inexplicably fell in the narrow lanes, I didn’t fall face first but planted myself with my knee and other arm, my hand with the ring still extended out towards her face, now bent on one knee, but forgot what I was supposed to say. Then every conscious person in that area turned and stared at me/her, she turned very red very fast, took the ring and said thank you. I immediately got up and ran back to my seat. Put the hoodie on my head and pretended to stare out the window, safe to say I never did muster up enough courage to go chat with this girl afterwards.


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