Q. What are the different areas of web designing?

What are the different areas of web designing?

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Jun, 2018

  • jason88

    Web designing encompasses a wide spectrum of areas, each important to crafting a successful digital presence. For people looking to delve into this field, it’s essential to have a solid understanding of its various aspects. Additionally, if you’re seeking a professional web design service, it’s a good idea to check madwire web design reviews . These reviews could provide some insights into the experiences of others who have worked with them. Good luck!


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  • redspider

    User Interface (UI) Design
    User Experience (UX) Design
    Graphic Design
    Web Design Dubai


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  • seobhao201

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  • webskitters001

    there are mainly six types of website designing, here they are:
    1.Single page designing: when a website owner uses a single page to promote their business is called single page website.the single page can be used as product/ services offered by them or articles of the company.
    2.Static website: these websites are created using basic html and css codes with minimal user interaction.
    3.Dynamic website: more attractive websites with much more user interaction and better UI/UX.the languages we use here is javascript and PHP.
    4.Responsive design: these websites changes their layouts depending on the size of devices like mobiles, PC etc.
    5.Liquid designing: it’s very similiar to responsive design but it can’t change the layout depending on the size of a device.
    6.Fixed design: A design that does not change depending upon device size.it comes with a fixed rersolution to remain consistant on every browser.

    Hope this will help you.if you want to learn more you can find best IT training courses for web design


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  • mrseo

    Thanks guys, keep up the good work! I don’t know what else to say. I always Investing In web design using their services


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  • ray.sitorous

    (a) Web graphic design
    (b) Interface design
    (c) Authoring,including standardised code and proprietary software
    (d) User experience design
    (e) Search engine optimization


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