Q. Who is your role model? why?

Who is your role model? why?

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Jul, 2018

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  • matto

    My role model is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has always dreamed big - from winning Mr Universe, to being a big name actor in America and Author, to running for Governor of California, to his dream of being the first non-American President of the USA, and he has always put in hard graft to turn those big dreams into reality. So far, he has succeeded at everything he does. In fact, many people don’t know that he was a millionaire BEFORE becoming an actor, due to being such a hard working and clever entrepreneur.


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Who isn’t familiar with Victoria’s Secret Angels? They are famous for their exceptional beauties and bodies. Most aspirants look up on them. Modelling is prevailing in the society. It is a way for most company to market their products. They use famous people around the world to pose for a specific product. For local advertisements, modelling agencies use ordinary men and women who are willing to pose and do workshops for the future runway shows. Many youth are interested to enter this kind of job for self-satisfaction and popularity alike. But sometimes, you can be a model without the need for a runway.

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