Q. How to learn English?
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    Here are some English learning tips:
    Read everything you can get your hands on and actively record new vocabulary.
    Interact with real people.
    Join podcasts or YouTube channels.
    Travel abroad
    Make use of your friends.
    Ask many questions.
    Follow the stars’ lead.
    Begin with what you truly require.
    Don’t kick yourself if you’re already down.
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  • sandra15

    maybe you can hire a private teacher to learn English


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“Welcome to the company! We’re looking forward to be working with you. Do your best!” Few years back, you were just the “young, dumb, broke high school kid” in town. Now you’re aiming for a better status.
You passed with flying colors. Your extra-curricular activities and academics were well-balanced. You thought you’re cream of the crop ready for the real world. Readied for your first interview, you said, “I can do this!”
Several months passed, your hard work paid off. Your pride goes up; conflicts rise; resignation follows. You reflected, “Where did the flying colors go?” They said that you can’t land on a good company or a job with a reasonable compensation if your records are not impressive. Thus, you are expected to give your best in everything. Be the best without losing your character. In the real world, flying colours don’t mean anything as grades don’t define you – attitude does!

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