Q. Have you some good addictions?

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Have you some good addictions?






Jul, 2018

  • abdul91

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  • roaan

    We assure safety and efficiency when removing trees from your yard because that’s our biggest priority.
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  • muhammad77

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  • abdul_moiz

    Kanak’s Kitchen Hindi is a YouTube based food channel which showcases best recipes hosted by Kanak Khathuria along with Transcend Films Private Limited. There … kaddu ki sabzi in hindi


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  • pearljam

    Listening music …Especially Rap, Metal And Rock.....My addiction.


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  • ronnie

    Crypto is one addiction - can be good or bad :)

    Then getting fit and working out, should be an addiction that I am proud of having.


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  • cryptodad

    Weight lifting :) regular excersise can be a quite strong addicted.


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  • Anonymous

    I am addicted to the froth some drinks, such as Guinness Draught, John Smith Smooth, Cappuccinos and Tetley Smooth 


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  • merritt_health

    Here are a few tips to help you keep healthy:

    1. Eat healthy
    You are what you eat, and hence, when you are aiming for a healthy food, you need to eat healthy too. Healthy food means less of processed food and lots and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Introducing low-fat dairy products, whole grains, and high-fiber foods, leaner cuts of meat, fish and poultry also makes a lot of difference. Avoiding high calorie, sugary, salty or fatty foods, and beverages is your first step to health.
    Eating healthy helps in maintaining an ideal body weight, which is essential to keep the body free from a number of illnesses. You can also take expert help from the Portland Weight Loss Clinic.
    Snacks, too, need to be healthy! Raw vegetables with a low-fat yogurt dip makes great snacks. If you, however, feel that your diet is not fulfilling your nutrient and vitamin needs, feel free to add supplements to your diet.

    2. Exercise
    Exercising keeps both the body and the heart healthy. It is not necessary that you sweat it out daily, but at least 30 minutes, five days a week is must. Take up easy exercises such as aerobics, swimming, jogging, or dancing if you find it too hard to go to the gym.

    3. A Proper Sleep at Night
    For a body to function well, 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night is essential, especially for women. Adjust things as you want them to, to ensure that you get uninterrupted sleep; change to a more comfortable mattress, switch of all distractions, avoid heavy eating and stick to a particular time to sleep. If you yet face trouble, consult the Women’s Health Clinic, Oregon for a good night’s sleep.

    4. Give Up Risky Habits
    Smoking and drinking has an adverse effect on women’s health. It is best to stay away from cigarettes and also from the people who smoke since passive smoking is also hazardous. You can yet consume one drink a day and be safe from ill effects.

    5. Manage stress
    A lady’s life is very stressful and full of pressure of doing things the right way, irrespective of what stage you are at. It is essential to take some time off and relax because as much as it affects your mental health, it affects your physical health too. Meditation, exercising, and other relaxation techniques can be used to tackle stress.

    6. Consider genetic testing
    With the number of cancer cases increasing every year, it is best to take every prevention that you can. The advanced technology has made it much easier for the doctors to scan for any risk of breast, ovarian or other cancers through the family history of such chronic diseases. A preventive measure in time saves you from a great health crunch that you might have had to face otherwise.

    Visit Merritt Health and Wellness for more information.


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Fitness training is in for your body goals. Nutrition hubs offer you dietary guides for a healthier lifestyle. You go through self-discipline. No cheats. Everybody wants this as they say “Health is wealth.”
While some are on a strict diet, there are also a number of people whose imagination is as rich the foods they eat every day; imagining themselves in a Scarlet Johansson or a Channing Tatum body in front of the vanity mirror. Ironically, at the end of the day, they flood your feeds with #foodporn #foodgasm and complain over their fats piling up. Have a well-balanced diet and activities instead of a rich imagination without an act. Health is to fitness as fitness is to health. They’re two inseparable things that go well with lifestyle.

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