Q. Why people give downvotes to others? What do you think? :)?

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Why people give downvotes to others? What do you think? :)?






Jul, 2018

  • shagun

    Its a way of giving one’s feedback only.

    No harm in it.


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  • amrit

    Bad and negative reviews are easier to write.


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  • ethereum

    I think because they want downvote :D :D


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  • lasheen

    becasue not good question here we can learn alot with good question so we should think before write


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  • dan54

    I downvote when i see boring questions, haha.

    Who will win the voice?

    Who gives a shit… Seriosuly!

    We are on the cusp of one of the greatest technolgies of the 21st century, cryptocurrency!

    The many intelligent people using this site don’t give a shit about the Kardashians and which shitty singer will win a ear splitting pop contest… Urghhh


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  • kirti

    people downvote if they think its a rubbish question and dont deserve any earning, a question like ‘WHY?” in just a one word.
    Also the questions which are confusing and dont have any description, write the questions properly and add description, pictures or links to elaborate your question to avoid Downvotes.


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  • 9lives

    If you think an answer is stupid or has nothing correct in your opinion then I guess you should be free to downvote it :]


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  • khushi

    Because that is a methodology to showcase one’s opinion after reading an answer.
    Sometimes, the answers are totally out of the context and doesn’t deserve rewards, so how to filter such content, the answer is down votes.
    So, next time before posting an answer a user will be more considerate in terms of the content and quality of the answer.
    Also, sometimes irrelevant answers can be a result of innocent misinterpretation of the question but there isn’t any means to rectify the intention behind the content being posted as an answer.
    Thus, this platform has chosen a conventional method to upvote and downvote to reflect the hierarchy of the qualitative content.
    Downvote by any means isn’t meant to present disregard against the answer or the user. So no one should get offended if they receive a downvote.
    Just try to post relevant and quality content.
    That’s all!


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  • born666

    Because some people are bitch


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  • drizztdourden123456789

    Because of stupic questions or answers :D


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