Q. Is Bitcoin a bubble?

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Is Bitcoin a bubble?

A bubble is an economic cycle characterized by the rapid escalation of asset prices followed by a contraction. It is created by a surge in asset prices unwarranted by the fundamentals of the asset and driven by exuberant market behavior.

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Jul, 2018

  • micheal_jason

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  • abdul29

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  • vtorosort

    Hello, although bitcoin has been falling lately, I think it is still the best cryptocurrency. Actually, it’s very good that there are projects like https://www.moonbitcoins.com/ which allow you to mine bitcoin without equipment. It’s easy to make money, the main thing is to start understanding exactly what you’re doing. Thanks to this I can work for myself and develop.


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  • keyvan

    unfortunately, the mainstream-media has spread so much FUD and so much bs, when it comes to their public job of informing and educating people.
    how many times did we hear that Bitcoin has reached its bubble? do those extreme volatile ( and of course natural) price fluctations of Bitcoin seem to be micro-bubbles?
    this is why (mass-) education and comprehension of the fundamentals of Bitcoin is hugely important.
    Bitcoin has not only survived the last 10 years, but has been getting stronger and more immune against attacks than ever before.
    Time and patience is needed.
    Never forget: Bitcoin is in its early stages, but has the highest liquidity in the crypto-market-capitalization.
    Bitcoin is totally and absolutely limited with 21 Million coins ( the last one to be mined in 2140).
    watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pgm...


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  • ronnie

    Saw this somewhere…

    On AVERAGE… Bitcoin adds a zero every 2 years :) (Y)

    2009 - $0
    2011 - $10
    2013 - $100
    2015 - $1,000
    2017 - $10,000
    2019 - $100,000
    2021 - $1,000,000

    Based on trends, therewill always be a bubble in between. Last year the bubble popped in Dec 2017, and looking at this year, we could see a bubble pop in the $50,000 range, so prepare for it!


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  • ae1996

    If you look at an asset class whatever it is, there is always a bubble. Either it’s gold, stocks, property, etc. Same rules for Bitcoin, if one bubble pops, there will be another HUGE bubble forming in the future and pop again and repeat. That’s just how market works :D


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