Q. The Hindu traditions are polluting the rivers, do you agree?

The Hindu traditions are polluting the rivers, do you agree?

hindu tradition pollution rivers





Jul, 2018

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  • kiaazad

    yeah, a seemingly harmless tradition can become devastating when the followers of that religion grow in numbers


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  • khushi

    To a great extent, YES!
    In the Hindu tradition the rivers are believed to be sacred and the Hindu’s also believe that the water of a sacred river can was away all their sins.
    I wish that was true, but unfortunately it’s not.
    And this way the myths wrapped in religious beliefs are prevalent since ages.
    Hindus drop a lot of things like flowers and leftovers from a pooja (a religious practice) in the rivers.
    This religious waste is polluting the rivers to such a level that the water creatures are paying the price with their lives.


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Ritual is part of history and culture and it is not only limited to spiritual aspect, marriage, or religion. Sometimes the term is used when you have several steps in, say for example, applying your beauty products everyday. They call it as beauty rituals. Anything you do daily with several steps to follow that you believe will make you look better can be your own ritual. It's a way for you to throw away something and giving birth to a new thing. Same practice goes with religious rituals that include cleansing yourself before gods or offering something to please your god.

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