Q. What is that one thing that you want someone to invent?

What is that one thing that you want someone to invent?

your whim new invention





Jul, 2018

2 Answers
  • umehen33

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  • shrenu

    An invention that could read thoughts.
    I don’t know if this invention will be advantageous or harmful but definitely, it would be a revolution!


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For centuries now, inventions have been making the lives of people easier. Telephone-smartphones; steam-locomotive-subways; electric bulb-beautiful chandelier; hot air balloons-air planes – innovations that brought change in both communication and transportation. Thanks to the hardworking inventors who came before us for their dedication in making our lives easier. Moreover, thanks to the present inventors who continue to do their best to go beyond their limits to advance technologies even better. We stay tuned to the inventions as the products of the imagination of creative minds.

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