Q. As a girl, have you ever been forced to dress in a certain way only? How did you feel about it?

As a girl, have you ever been forced to dress in a certain way only? How did you feel about it?

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Jul, 2018

  • chauncy

    Well, I have never been forced to dress in a certain way. But when we had to put on PROM DRESSES, we had to cover our whole body. It was a necessary step.


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  • shagun

    Yes no. of times in school / college days.
    Ofcourse bad bad bad


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  • aschatria

    Sure, back in a day we wore school uniforms, but all of us, not just girls.


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  • pearljam

    I can understand....how it be weird you feel when someone restrict you to what kind of clothes you have to wear and what not to be wear.....

    Actually, it is the social stigma that we give weightage to the specific coitrie of people. We shold go forward in way to adopt globalization, intellect with and in accord to the global. We go for change to make change the world in a leading way.
    Gender specific or discrimination on the based of gender should be wipe out from the planet earth.
    We are all uniform.....Law of Equality…Then why we should gender specific discrimination....



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