Q. Is windows 10 better for gaming?

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Is windows 10 better for gaming?

Windows10 always gives problem starting the game after installation is done, should I roll back to win 8.1, but is windows 10 better than 8.1 in terms of gameplay and graphics?

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Jul, 2018

  • david1cameron

    The visual design of the menu has moved towards minimalism. It now displays installed applications, frequently used programs, and more. The Windows 11 reddit windows product key menu has become simpler, more informative, and more convenient. Presumably, it will load the system less.


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  • white

    Good day, this is an interesting topic and an interesting answer. There have been a lot of questions like this lately. It’s good when structured information on this topic comes out. I’m a fan of browser games and thank you for another great game in my collection.


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  • vtorosort

    Hi Rocky. I don’t recommend rolling back on 8.1 as it is crap. You may not have installed Windows correctly. There are games that will work on absolutely any platform. Recently I decided to remember my childhood and play spider solitaire free. It wasn’t the same emotion I had on my old Pentium, but it wasn’t bad either. By the way, I had a Nintendo in 1995. I don’t remember what I played on it anymore, but games have been in my life since I was a kid.


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