Q. How can the issue of poverty be solved in the world?

How can the issue of poverty be solved in the world?

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Jul, 2018

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  • thorty

    Through international co-operation to provide every human with the rights to basic services. Examples: access to food and clean water, a safe home, an education, healthcare, jobs, public transport, a pension etc. When nations develop further this list can grow to include parks, libraries, museums, internet access etc.


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Hurricane, riot, hijack and countless other hurdles are faced in some or the other part of the world daily. To overcome such obstacles nations have attempted to come on consensus many times. While arguments and manoeuvres by countries for being the super power of the world are made, there exist certain potential climatic hazards like global warming, which are overlooked. What has been done cannot be altered but there is still a chance to fight against any upcoming catastrophe, if the world stands as one.

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